YouTube vs Ad Blockers tussle continues as users look for workarounds

November 7, 2023 | By Arnab Ghosh

YouTube is deemed as the most popular online platform for video streaming and watching, across the world. For a pretty long time, users tired of watching ads on YouTube in between content have resorted to using Ad-blockers. However, in a recent move, YouTube came down heavily on the ad blockers. You can still get rid of the pestering ads on the platform but then you have to opt for the paid/premium subscription. This is a global policy by the Google-owned platform.

The new YouTube ad blocker crackdown has affected brands and developers making such applications. Users have started removing such apps as they have become ineffective. AdGuard and similar popular Ad blockers have witnessed an unprecedented rise in daily uninstalls, as per the sources. Notably, a majority of users uninstalling ad-blocking apps use Chrome, a browser also developed by Google.

So, how the new YouTube policy has impacted end-users who relied on Ad blockers so far? A majority of them are not opting for a Premium subscription at all. Most of them are now switching to alternative web browsers like Microsoft Edge and Firefox. On those browsers, they can use Ad-blockers without woes. YouTube Premium costs approx $13.99/month. Some users are trying uBlock Origin, a browser extension that works well on Firefox. They are also trying out low-priced ad-blocker apps.

It is not clear what would be the next step of Google regarding this situation. Lowering the cost of YouTube Premium service may be a feasible solution, say the experts.

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