X unveils Grok, a witty and sarcastic Generative AI Chatbot to outshine ChatGPT, Google Bard

November 6, 2023 | By Arnab Ghosh

The race in the generative AI arena is heating up with time. After Microsoft, Meta and Google, now X (previously Twitter) has joined the bandwagon. In a new development, the artificial intelligence division of X, namely xAI has unveiled its take on generative AI chatbot. The new generative AI chatbot by X is named Grok. The incident has sent waves in the tech circles. 

Along with generative AI chatbots and tools, the language learning models are also maturing with time. The new chatbot tool by X, Grok runs on its own proprietary LLM, Grok-1. If the early revelations are anything to go by, it may give some serious competition to Google Bard and ChatGPT. Grok is unlike popular chatbots, says X. The company says Grok can answer almost any query that its rivals will struggle to resolve. It reportedly has a sense of wit and humor.

Grok is also capable of scanning X platform and thus accessing real-time data to come up with authentic answers. As of now, the beta version of the tool is out and the final and stable version may have some more tricks up its sleeve. X sources said they want Grok to serve as a robust personal digital assistant to users, while offering new ideas and offering updated and relevant information.

Now, the chatbot is not readily available and interested people have to join a waitlist. Only Premium/verified X users can join the waitlist. Grok-1, the large language model Grok is powered by, is said to be more capable than GPT-3.5. It is yet to overtake GPT-4 though.

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