WhatsApp is gearing up to launch the first-ever iPad app

September 20, 2023 | By Arnab Ghosh

There is hardly anyone who needs to be updated on the tremendous popularity enjoyed by Meta’s user-friendly chat messenger service WhatsApp. While it is available on many devices and platforms, iPad users have been out of luck. The company is now busy testing out a pre-release version of what is possibly the first tailor-made WhatsApp app for iPad. It is not known why Meta does not focus on making apps for iPad, a very popular tablet. You do not get iPad apps for Instagram, too.

From the online leaks, the iPad app for WhatsApp works much like the regular smartphone version. You have to scan a QR code just like you do it on your smartphone. Now, Meta has started focusing on making WhatsApp more business-centric and the new move is triggered by that, possibly. A lot of business users use iPad and they will gain from having a tablet-specific version. The upcoming iPad app for WhatsApp will have 2 panes open, one for your current chat and the other for a list of chats stacked, side by side.

Meta also wants to adhere to the new EU norms, which necessitate cross-platform messaging services to have a specific version for each platform. It is likely that the iPad app for WhatsApp will have all the features present in its smartphone version, including payments and privacy features.

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