WhatsApp introduces new security features to protect user accounts and device verification

April 14, 2023 | By Team PriceKeeda

WhatsApp announces new security features to protect user accounts and device verification. These new features will help users safeguard their accounts and prevent unauthorized access.

The first new feature is called "Account Protect." This feature allows users to add a six-digit PIN code to their WhatsApp account. This PIN code will be required every time the user tries to verify their phone number on WhatsApp. This extra layer of security will make it much more difficult for unauthorized users to take control of the user's account.

The second new feature is automatic security codes. With this feature, WhatsApp will now automatically notify users when a contact's security code changes. This will help users to quickly identify any potential security threats and take appropriate action to secure their account.

Finally, WhatsApp has introduced a new device verification system. This system is designed to help users verify that their account is being accessed from their own device. When a user logs into their WhatsApp account on a new device, they will receive a notification on their current device asking them to confirm the new device's identity. This will help prevent unauthorized access to the user's account.

These new security features are part of WhatsApp's ongoing efforts to improve user privacy and security. With these new features, WhatsApp is providing users with the tools they need to protect their accounts and ensure that their private conversations remain private.


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