Ways to find your email ID in case you have lost it or forgotten the details

November 10, 2023 | By Arnab Ghosh
find your email ID

Nowadays, finding people using more than a single email ID is commonplace. This helps keep your personal emails separate from professional ones, surely. But, at times, you may lose track of one email id. If you happen to forget one of your email IDs, do not panic. There are several ways to find email addresses by name.  You can use your PC or mobile device to retrieve lost email IDs.

Here, we have come up with some guidelines to retrieve a lost email id in a few easy steps. Use these methods to find my email account by phone number.

What is an Email ID?

Before you can look for details on how to find a Gmail account by name, it is important to know what an email id is. An email ID is like an identifier of mail sent over the web. Since their inception in the 1980s, email addresses have the same format- one unique name followed by the domain name, and an @ is there in between.

How to locate my email ID if I am not logged in to any PC/device

If you are not logged in to a device or PC, you can still locate your email using a few methods.

1. If you access the device last used to log in to your email id, you can find the email id in its History section.

2. Microsoft Recovery- Browse the Microsoft email recovery page. Now, type in the phone number linked with your phone number or an alternate email ID and click next.

Enter the OTP received and that will initiate the account recovery process.

3. Google Recovery- Those using Gmail IDs and losing track of the IDs can use this method to find my email Google.

First, browse the Email page and type in the phone number linked to your Gmail account. It can be a recovery email id as well. Click on next.

Now, type in your First and Last name. Click on next.

Now, you will get a page for the verification code.

Type in a 6-digit code to initiate account recovery.

4. iCloud Recovery- Browse the iCloud email recovery page. Then, type in your email address, along with First and Last name, and click on continue.  The recovery process will begin and you simply have to follow the guidelines that appear on screen.

Using logged-in devices to find your email address

If you have not used one of your email id for some time and find it hard to find my email there is a way out. This will work regardless of whether you use a mobile or a PC.

1. Compose email- Click on “Compose” or “Start New Mail”. It will work on services like AOL, Hotmail, Gmail, Zoho Mail, etc.

Check the “From” section in the tab. You will see the listed email id.

2. Use the Echo service- Compose a new email and send it to echo@univie.ac.at. Click on send.
Then you will get an Automatic Response from that ID.

Open that email to find your email ID in the “To” section.

3. Check the email app- To find my email address for this phone, use the Gmail app.

Open the Gmail app.  Now click on the Profile Picture to get the email address displayed.

4. Use the browser- Open a new tab in Chrome. Now, click on the Profile Picture to see all listed Gmail IDs.

Via Mail app using your PC/laptop

This will work for locating your Outlook email address.

  • Open the Mail app on the Laptop/PC.
  • Now, find the Hamburger menu> accounts.
  • You will see the listed mail IDs.
  • If you have several accounts logged in, Click on “Compose” and check the “From” section to find email ids available.

Via Mac

It is not tough to locate your iCloud email address. Browse the settings section in your Mac or iOS device and check the Apple ID. You will find the iCloud email address under your name.

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