Ways to delete Telegram account on PC, Android, and iOS

November 10, 2023 | By Arnab Ghosh
Ways to delete Telegram account on PC

Telegram is definitely one of the popular chat messenger apps but at times, you may not want to use it any further. You may also want to take a temporary break from it. Deactivating and removing your Telegram account on various platforms including PC and Android is not hard. Here, we will show you step-by-step guidelines on ways to remove telegram from iPhone android and PC platforms. Hope this guide will be of great use to you! It will work for those trying to iPhone software download for android.

Ways to remove Telegram account on your Android phone:

As the Telegram mobile app will not let you delete an account directly, you will have to make changes to settings so that the account is automatically deleted after a time.

1. Open Telegram on your Android mobile phone/ tablet.

2. Go to the 3-line menu at left side.

3. Tap on settings.

4. Select the option Privacy and Security.

5. Scroll down to the option If Away for.

6. Now pick an idle time frame.

7. The choices are 1-12 months.

Now, all you need to do is not to use your Telegram account for the specified time period. It will get deleted by Telegram.

Ways to remove Telegram account on your iPhone:

Follow these steps to delete the Telegram account on iOS devices. If you have moved from android to iPhone, this will be useful.

1. Run Telegram on your iPhone and navigate to the 3-line menu button.

2. Select Settings> Privacy and Security.

3. Scroll down to the option If Away for.

4. Select Delete Account Now and then confirm.

5. Your account will be deleted soon with all content in it.

Ways to remove Telegram account on your PC:

Telegram for desktop/PC lets you delete the account using a web browser, easily.

1. On the PC, browse the Telegram Deactivation page using any web browser.

2. Type in the number which you had used to make the account in the past.

3. Now, put in the country code before the number and click on next button.

4. Now, an alphanumeric code will be sent to your Telegram mobile app.

5. Use this alphanumeric code to log in to the Telegram account.

6. In the Telegram Core section, select Delete Account option.

7. Pick a reason for account removal and choose Delete My Account option.

8. Confirm once again and that will terminate your account.

Way to export your data before deleting your Telegram account

You can export the data in your Telegram account only by using the desktop app.

1. At first, download the Windows or MacOS Telegram app.

2. Run the app.

3. Log in through the phone number.

4. Navigate to the 3-line menu.

5. Select Settings> Advanced> Export Telegram data.

6. Select data types to export and finalize Export.

7. The data will be exported by 24 hours or so. After that you can acquire the exported data.


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How can I delete messages in Telegram?

You can delete messages in your Telegram account without deactivating the account itself. Just click on the messages you want to discard. Long-tap on it and you will see the Delete icon appear. Confirm to delete those messages. This method will work on Android and iPhone both and so you can do iOS download for android.

How do I delete Telegram message from a group?

To discard Telegram group messages, long press on the chat and confirm for deletion. To remove another users’ message in group chat, obtaining admin approval of the group is necessary.

How do I recover a Telegram account deleted in the past?

Deleted Telegram accounts cannot be retrieved. All user data gets erased from the Telegram servers. It does not matter if you had tried iPhone ios download for android.

Does my Telegram account get deleted after I uninstall the app?

No, Your Telegram account does not get deleted if you uninstall the app from a PC or mobile device. The data is kept on the Telegram’s server and so you can retrieve it later. Previous admin users may need the rights to delete group messages.