Ways to check the battery health of Android mobile phones easily

November 8, 2023 | By Arnab Ghosh
Android mobile phones

No matter what android smartphone you use, over time, you are likely to face battery issues. With regular usage, the efficacy of your phone battery will go down. In some cases, it may go down faster than usual, owing to usage patterns and lack of care etc. The last thing you want when you are outside is the phone battery giving up unexpectedly! So, you should look after the health of your phone battery.

Here, we will show you some handy ways to perform mobile battery health check.

So, what is battery health?

The term “battery health” denotes the extent of deterioration over time and number of charge cycles. For example, some of the latest android phones have a rated battery capacity of 4500mAh. So, when it’s fully charged, the phone will offer 4500mAh battery capacity. Over time, the efficacy will fall to 95% and lower.

As your phone battery health goes down, so does the battery life. Simply speaking, an Android phone with poor battery health will lose battery capacity faster than a new one.

How do you check the battery health of your Android phone?

Android still does not have default ways to fathom battery health. But, there are some workarounds. 

Through the Settings menu

When you buy android phones, you will find a way to check battery status by delving into the Settings menu. Now, based on the brand and its iteration of the OS, the setting may be a tad different from one model to another. Some phones will show more detailed info.

  1. Open the Settings app and then go to the Battery section.
  2. Now, tap the three-dot icon and then choose Battery Usage.
  3. You will see the apps guzzling up the most power.
  4. You may close such apps. 

Through a dial code

Not many people are aware of this dialing trick.

Run the Phone app and input *#*#4636#*#*.

You will see the testing menu. Find Battery Information details.

This method may not work on some Android devices.

Through third-party apps

For detailed battery health information, you may have to use third-party apps. One good choice is AccuBattery. Then you can see details like temperature, battery capacity etc.

To get detailed battery health information, Download the AccuBattery app and then install it on your device. After running the app, you will see 4 tabs. These are- Health & History, Charging, Discharging. Under the Health tab, you will get all details.

Method for Samsung phone users

Some of the best new android phones are made by South Korean tech giant, Samsung. Some Samsung models come with in-built Samsung Members app. Here’s how to use it.

  1. Run the Samsung Members app and select Get Help.
  2. Select Interactive checks.
  3. Now select Battery. You will get detailed battery health info.
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How frequently should one check his/her phone battery health?

It is not required to check the battery health of your phone regularly. You may check it every few months if you have a phone with best battery life. If you cope with issues like device heating up and quicker than usual battery drain, check the battery health.

My phone is discharging quickly even though battery health shows good.

It may so happen that a newly installed app is leading to faster battery drain. Look for apps draining resources. As a last resort, try a factory reset.

When to change my Android phone battery?

Most brands advise users to change the device battery after it falls below 80% efficacy.

Tip to maintain good Android battery life

Do not always charge the device to 100% and avoid full discharging too.
Do not always use fast charging.
Do not charge the phone in a high-temperature place.
Stick to using the brand charging cable and brick.
Do not keep the phone on charge overnight.
Ideally, plug in the device when it reaches 20%.
Use battery saver mode whenever possible.
Do not use the phone while charging it.
Get rid of power-hungry apps.
Do not use location services, or Wi-Fi when not required.