Ways to check Airtel mobile number through USSD code, App, etc

November 7, 2023 | By Arnab Ghosh
Ways to check Airtel mobile number through USSD code

Airtel is a popular and leading telecom operator and its network and services are preferred by people in various states and UTs. If you use more than one Airtel SIMs, you may forget a number occasionally. However, the good thing is that you can perform Airtel number check in multiple ways. Here, we have listed a number of methods using which you can do Airtel phone number checking.

Airtel Thanks app to check Airtel mobile number anytime, online

Get the Airtel Thanks app or MyAirtel app using App Store or Google Play Store and then set it up on your device. Launch the apps and sign in. You will see the Airtel mobile number and other details displayed in the app.

While this is ideal for people searching for Airtel mobile number check code, the method works only on smartphones. Feature phone users need to use a different method.

USSD codes (offline method) to perform Airtel mobile number check

Launch the phone/ calling app and dial *282#. A message will pop up saying “Hi, Your Mobile no. is: xxxxxxxxxx”. Then note it down on a paper. This method will work across all types of mobile devices.

There is another USSD Airtel number check code you can use.

  1. Put the Airtel SIM in the slot of your phone.
  2. Launch the calling app.
  3. Then dial *121*1#.
  4. Click OK, after getting a flash message.

You will get another flash message showing your Airtel mobile number.

Using customer care ( without using Airtel sim number check code)

There are people using Airtel service who are not okay with using the USSD code method. They can contact Airtel customer care service to find their numbers.

  1. Dial 198 or 121 on your mobile phone.
  2. It will get you connected to the customer service.
  3. Click ‘1’ to get IVR readout details like your Airtel mobile number. 
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How to find my Airtel mobile number using the phone’s settings?

On Android devices, you will see the Airtel mobile number in the Settings> About section.

On iPhone, navigate to Settings > Phone > My Number.

Any other ways to find out my Airtel phone number?

Well, you can look for the Airtel SIM package and the number will be printed on it.