The way to eject water from an iPhone (2023)

November 8, 2023 | By Arnab Ghosh
The way to eject water from an iPhone (2023)

Apple makes the iPhones waterproof but that does not mean users should not use the devices cautiously. If the water seeps into the charging port, microphone, speaker that outcome may not be good. If your iPhone is exposed for long to water, it may be necessary to dry it. It is possible to get the water out from an Apple iPhone.

Method to eject water from the latest iPhone

A handy iOS Siri Shortcut named Water Eject can be used.

  • Download and then add Water Eject app on your iPhone.
  • It runs on new apple iPhones with iOS 13.0 or later versions.
  • Browse My Shortcuts screen and then tap on the Water Eject to enable water removal.
  • Pick the ‘Start‘ option.
  • Choose the intensity level as maximum.
  • Your newest iPhone will emit a sound and you will receive a notification when the
  • process is wrapped.

What does this feature do in the best iPhone?

Water Eject is a free tool to safeguard iOS devices from water damage. It generates low-

frequency sound to discard water from the phone’s speaker section cavity. You have to

enable the “Allow Untrusted Shortcuts” option in settings.

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Are any other methods available to eject water from iOS devices?

When you get iPhone you may want to know about water ejection methods. Some apps like

Sonic are there but do your research well before you use those.