The top proxy website list to browse anonymously free of cost

October 8, 2023 | By Arnab Ghosh
The top proxy website list

You may have come across situations when some websites you want to access have been blocked by your ISP or company. You can surely browse such websites by using some tricks. You can make use of the best free proxy sites to regain access to such blocked websites. These are actually better than using a VPN and do not involve any registration and paywalls. You can use those best proxy sites from any web access device or PC.

Here, we have come up with the free proxy website list for your benefit:

  • It is a popular proxy website with a simple and neat UI. You may pick from available US and European servers. It uses an encrypted SSL connection to send browsing data to the user and overrides the restrictions set by other entities. It also lets you find cookies stored on their PCs by websites browsed earlier by you. You can delete those cookies.

  • TurboHide- This proxy website has a neat and minimal UI. It enables you to override firewall restrictions set by external entities smoothly. It also helps keep your online identity private. A toggle option is there in the website UI to remove website trackers.

  • Kproxy- If you want a proxy website for regular usage, then check out Kproxy. It lets you browse firewall-restricted websites. It has a Chrome extension. This is ideal for Chrome users. The nice thing is this extension supports connection encryption between the target server and browser.

  • CroxyProxy- This best free proxy website lets you override restrictions imposed by colleges, and offices. It lets you access blocked websites. CroxyProxy hides your IP address and deploys SSL encryption for better safety. The premium version has no ads and supports more overseas servers than the free edition.

  • Filterbypass- Another useful proxy website, FilterBypass supports AES-256 GCM-level encryption. It also tries to fetch the SSL version of websites you visit. The nice thing is it has extensions for popular web browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

  • 4EverProxy- Another handy and popular proxy website to access blocked websites, 4EverProxy supports plenty of IP locations and servers. It gives you the choice to enable/ disable cookies. It also deploys a safe DNS service.

  • Proxfree- The free web proxy list remains incomplete without mentioning ProxFree. It offers servers from multiple countries. It also lets you hide your IP address.

  • VPNBOOK- VPNBOOK proxy website supports safe 256-bit SSL encryption and so, you can access websites censored even by govts! You can pick from servers from Canada, the USA, and the UK. It also supports hiding user IP addresses.

  • Proxyium- Another handy free proxy website, Proxyium lets you access blocked websites with ease. You need not fret about usage tracking. It offers proxy versions of visited websites as permalinks.

  • Hidester- Hidestar is a free proxy website ideal for bypassing restrictions imposed by external entities. It lets you mask the IP address easily for enhanced privacy. A free Chrome extension is also offered.

  • Mywebproxy- Mywebproxy is similar to TurboHide and has a clean and minimal UI. However, you only get a single US server to use. You can enable or disable URL encryption and cookies.

  • Proxify- This proxy website lets you mask the IP address and offers a totally anonymous browsing experience. It also alters device geolocation and bypasses maximum web filtering protocols. It does not pester users with ads.

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What is a proxy website?

A proxy website enables users to access and visit restricted or blocked websites easily. These websites mask user IP addresses and utilize external servers to get access to banned websites.

Do proxy websites alter your IP address?

Yes, proxy websites actually alter user IP addresses when they access blocked websites.

How safe are the proxy websites?

Proxy websites are usually safe but you should not use personal information when accessing the blocked websites. Some free proxy websites encrypt the data but users have to act cautiously.

How do I locate such proxy sites?

A simple Google search will fetch you many popular proxy websites and show ways to unblock proxy sites.

Are proxy sites legitimate?

Proxy websites are deemed to be legal and they are not restricted by the govt as such.