Soon, YouTube Music will replace aging Google Podcasts

September 29, 2023 | By Arnab Ghosh
Google Podcasts YouTube Music

Web users are fond of using various online services of Google including those like Gmail, YouTube, and Google Drive etc. However, the technology giant keeps updating these services and apps periodically and occasionally removes those not finding much traction with shifting user needs. In a new move, Google has said it will soon phase out its Podcasts app. The replacement will be its own YouTube Music app, which is already quite popular with users.

Google, on its part, says the move to YouTube Music is a logical one. This will drive more users to the versatile platform. Users will then be able to move between video and audio podcast versions and explore the services offline. This is somewhat like the approach taken by rivals like Spotify. Online surveys opine that a majority of Google service users prefer using YouTube as their default platform for primary podcasts.

Google may unveil a tailor-made migration tool so that existing Podcast users can make the transition to YouTube Music smoothly. The tech giant is keen on projecting YouTube Music as a powerful rival to popular streaming platforms like Amazon Music, Apple Music and Spotify. This shift is somewhat reminiscent of Google’s move in 2020 when it phased out Google Play Music.

Google Podcast will be phased out in 2024 though the exact date has not been revealed. It is likely that existing users will be given an ample time window for making the shift.

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