Samsung unveils One UI 6 Beta 2 for users of Galaxy S23 in India

September 4, 2023 | By Arnab Ghosh
One UI 6 Beta

Android users are eagerly awaiting the unveiling of Android 14 for their devices. Samsung has now unveiled One UI 6 Beta 2, its own iteration of Android 14. However, this is only meant for the Galaxy S23 device users. Later, more Samsung Galaxy smartphone users should get access to the One UI 6 Beta 2. The new UI update brings exciting features like an inbuilt video editor along with numerous bug fixes. The Beta 2 builds on the improvements introduced on the One UI 6 beta and it is likely to make Galaxy S23 users delighted.

With each release of One UI, Samsung has managed to polish the speed and feature set of its UI atop Android. The trend continues with One UI 6. The One UI 6 Beta 2 can be downloaded by Galaxy S23 users in nations like the U.K., India, the U.S., South Korea, Germany etc. The bugs fixed include Samsung keyboard shortcut key glitches, Netflix loading issues, default launcher app crashes etc.

As for the new and notable features introduced in the One UI 6 Beta 2 the revamped Samsung Health app needs a special mention. Users get an updated weather widget as well. The new video editor added in this update is named Studio. A few tweaks in the camera app have also been added and users can now add custom widgets on the home screen. 

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