Rivot Motors launches EV two-wheeler with impressive specs and range

October 26, 2023 | By Arnab Ghosh
Rivot Motors

The EV segment is witnessing unprecedented growth in India, initial hurdles and infrastructural limitations notwithstanding. It is not only limited to four-wheelers alone. Electric scooters are now quite popular and new players are joining the bandwagon every now and then. In a new development, Karnataka-based RIVOT Motors has unveiled a new electric scooter. It comes with some impressive specs and a long range. As per the company, the EV can cover 280 km after a full charge.

In a recent event, the 3 variants of the Rivot EV were showcased by the company in Whitefield in Bengaluru. The founder of the brand, Ajit Patil exuded confidence of grabbing a share of the market. He said that the RIVOT NX100 would make rival companies hurry back to the drawing board. This is the country’s first electric vehicle with an upgradeable range. The scooter offers a storage capacity of approx 45 liters. It features climate-resistant batteries and safety features like fingerprint detection and face lock makes it ideal for millennials.

Mr. Patel said the scooter’s specialized LiMFP battery will cope well with varying temperature conditions in the country better than the competitors. It also comes with an enclosed belt drive, to survive rough roads and terrains with ease. It also gets advanced features like tire pressure monitoring system and cruise control.

The pricing of RIVOT NX100 begins from INR 89000 while the high-end variant costs INR 1,39,000. There will be 5 editions- Offlander, Elite, Sports, Classic, and Premium. The scooter will be sold in shades like Purple, Mineral Green, Pista, White, and Black etc. Prebooking is available at https://prebook.rivotmotors.com/.

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