Pixel 8 may retain the SIM slot after all, but may come with a price bump

September 4, 2023 | By Arnab Ghosh
Google Pixel 8

Google is all geared up to unveil Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, its weapons to challenge the supremacy of Apple iPhone and top-tier Android devices from Samsung and Chinese players. As the launch date of the Pixel 8 gets nearer, more leaks and rumors on the upcoming devices are surfacing online. Previous reports indicated that the Pixel 8 may adopt the eSIM route much like the iPhone. However, a new source suggests that is not going to be the case. It will retain the usual SIM slot.

Pixel phones are known for their stellar imaging capabilities, which give even the Samsung Galaxy S series and iPhones a run for their money. As per the newest report, the Pixel 8 Pro will get a Night Sight video. This means the video capture performance in low light will improve. These may seem encouraging for people planning to buy the new Pixel devices but a downer is also there. The Pixel 8 series may also come with a steeper price tag. Many rumors regarding the expected pricing are doing the rounds online but Google has stayed mum on the pricing front so far.

Exactly a month is there before the Pixel 8 series is unveiled. As the new devices will come laden with enhanced hardware, including the Tensor G3 chipset and enhanced imaging performance, a price bump is not unnatural. However, leaks suggesting the expected price of Pixel 8 Pro crossing the threshold of 1000 euros seem a bit far-fetched. Industry experts think a nominal price bump over the Pixel 7 series is more feasible

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