Now, Microsoft is going to make OneDrive available offline

September 14, 2023 | By Arnab Ghosh
OneDrive available offline

Over the years, cloud services have become increasingly popular with users. Cloud storage services are used by billions of people globally. Technology giants like Google, Apple, and Microsoft battle it out in this popular segment. Microsoft OneDrive is among the popular cloud services with a huge user base. Like its rivals, Microsoft also keeps updating the service with new features, periodically. In a new move, the technology giant is gearing up to make the cloud service accessible offline.

The new offline mode of OneDrive will enable users to use the platform even when they are not connected to the web, minus fuss. This can be bliss for people still coping with spotty internet connections or those living in areas with poor network coverage. In the offline mode, users will be able to rename, move, delete, and copy files, apart from sorting them. The feature will be rolled out as a preview sometime in November 2023, says Microsoft. The changes you make in offline mode in OneDrive will get synced once the internet connection is restored.

Incidentally, there is an event scheduled for OneDrive on October 3, 2023. Microsoft is expected to unveil key new features in the cloud service that will make users delighted. It is expected that the generative AI features will be added to the service.

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