New leaks on Nintenndo Switch 2 hint at beefy spec and design changes

October 10, 2023 | By Arnab Ghosh
Nintenndo Switch 2

Console gaming lovers hardly need any introduction to Nintendo. The Japanese video game and console maker has millions of fans and users worldwide. The release date of Nintendo Switch 2 is getting closer and several online leaks on the upcoming consoles have been making headlines. It may so happen that Nintendo may launch different variants of the popular console. One of these will have a traditional setup and the other one will have features for digital gadget lovers.

Nintendo has not said anything officially on the upcoming Switch 2 console but leaks on the price have surfaced. The leaks suggest the digital version may actually be made more affordable with a possible price tag of $399 and while the regular version may sell for $449. It may get released sometime in late 2024 though the exact date is unknown.

Online leaks on the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 hint at the device getting an LED screen. It may be shipped with augmented reality capabilities. Nintendo Switch 2 may come with features to take on popular rivals like Sony’s PS5 while the Xbox Series of Microsoft will also be there. The device may get 12 GB of RAM and it may feature Nvidia’s latest DLSS 3.1 technology for enhanced experience. Incidentally, a special Nintendo Switch variant for China named Nintendo Switch Mario Red Edition was unveiled recently.

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