Microsoft is enhancing OneDrive by integrating Copilot

October 5, 2023 | By Arnab Ghosh

Technology giants across the world are betting big on AI tech, as is evident from their latest moves. From Meta to Microsoft and Google, every contender is keen on making use of the emerging technology. Microsoft has said it is gearing up to embed Copilot into its popular online storage service OneDrive. The move will be beneficial for users and they will be able to manage and personalize their data with ease, says the company.

The Redmond firm competes with Google and Apple in the online data storage realm and OneDrive faces steep competition from iCloud and Google Drive. The new OneDrive Home makes use of the company’s much-touted Fluent Design language used in Windows 11. There is more to the platter than just a visual redesign! The revamped OneDrive Home gets AI-powered recommendations for better data management.

In the new OneDrive Home, you get an Add New button with which it is possible to create new files for diverse Microsoft 365 apps. You may even use coloring to segregate folders with unique content in them. The color choice is available also for shared folders. Microsoft has enhanced both favorite view and Shared view in OneDrive. You also get a new People view alongside a meeting view. These will help enhance sharing and productivity.

Microsoft said Copilot in OneDrive will be made available for users starting in December. It is also launching an offline mode for OneDrive but that will come in 2024.

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