Microsoft and Paige team up to create the largest AI model for cancer detection

September 8, 2023 | By Arnab Ghosh

The way AI is being used in every sphere of life hints at its significance. Technology giants are also experimenting with this emerging technology and some of the early results seem promising. Now, Microsoft is delving into the AI realm. The software giant has joined hands with Paige, a digital pathology provider, to develop an advanced AI model that will be used for cancer detection. Reportedly, this is going to be the biggest-ever AI model used for detecting cancer.

Researchers feel this AI model will enable pathologists to detect various forms of cancer with greater accuracy. This advanced AI model is being equipped with a gargantuan amount of medical data. It is expected to identify both common and unusual types of cancer. This will be bliss for doctors coping with growing caseloads and a shortage of manpower in the clinical setups.

In the last century, the working methodology for pathologists has not changed much, despite the drastic progress made by medical science. Paige is now trying to digitize a large part of the pathologists' workflow for better accuracy. The AI model will help pathologists detect cases of cancer affecting body organs like the colon, breast, and prostate gland. To enhance the efficiency of its AI tool, Paige has tied up with a giant like Microsoft. The latter’s supercomputing infrastructure and cloud storage are being utilized to make the AI tool more accurate and functional.

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