Meta Connect 2023 makes headlines as the tech giant unveils new AI tools and futuristic gadgets

September 29, 2023 | By Arnab Ghosh

The Meta Connect 2023 event has concluded and the technology behemoth has unveiled a plethora of new gadgets and AI technologies, as expected. Meta, led by Mark Zuckerberg, is known for its innovative online services and gadgets and the new event corroborated its might. A major part of the event was kept for unveiling the AI-based technologies and tools. Zuckerberg made it clear that Meta will integrate its generative AI technologies into its popular online platforms, soon.

The spruced-up Meta AI will be embedded into popular applications like Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. This is being done with an aim to overtake category rivals like Google and Amazon, in the AI race. Meta AI is an advanced chatbot and it will become an integral part of the company’s online services, soon. Later, it will be integrated with the newly launched devices. The new chatbot is powered by its new large language model, Llama 2.

Meta also announced a collaboration with Bing for instant AI image generation. Apart from the embedded Meta AI, users can make use of as many as 28 more AIs on the online platforms. In future, users will get access to AI characters based on their favorite celebs and icons.

Meta also unveiled the Meta Quest 3 –a ‘mixed reality’ headset with a Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 Chip and 128-512 GB storage. It will be put up for sale on October 10th. Another head-turner at the Meta Connect 2023 event was the Ray-Ban Meta smart glass. These glasses will get a 12MP camera, have live stream features, and the new AI Assistant.

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