iPhone 15 Pro overheating menace acknowledged by Apple, fix coming soon

October 2, 2023 | By Rahul Rai
iPhone 15 Pro overheating menace acknowledged by Apple, fix coming soon

Soon after the star-studded iPhone 15 launch, users started complaining about overheating issues plaguing the much-anticipated smartphone. The 15th incarnation of Apple’s category-redefining smartphone comes with some notable changes, including new CPUs, optics and a change to Platinum for the casing. The iPhone 15 Pro model was said to be heating up the most among all variants, even during casual usage, as per the numerous online posts and tweets.

After a section of tech enthusiasts and users expressed doubt about the new metal casing as the root cause of device overheating, Apple has come up with an official statement on the topic. The Cupertino-based company said a few factors may lead to iPhone 15 Pro overheating. It has put the blame on enhanced background activity. Also, an inherent bug in iOS 17 may be behind the issue.

Apple also said some third-party apps may lead to unexpected device overheating. It will join hands with such app developers to find a solution. Reportedly apps like Uber and Instagram are causing excess device heating in most cases. The company is soon going to unveil a software update to resolve the problem.

Apple has also cautioned iPhone 15 users not to charge their devices with bigger USB-C power adapters to avoid overheating issues. Fast charging may lead to a temporary overheating in the device but the company says it will not harm its performance or longevity. It remains to be seen when Apple unveils this software update.

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