How to delete a Page in MS Word (quick guide)

November 6, 2023 | By Arnab Ghosh
MS Word

Every time you launch MS Word, a blank page makes it look rather unprofessional. Also, the blank pages in the app may lead to printing issues. The woes involved in converting to formats like PDF are also there. The good thing is there are some ways to delete black pages in Microsoft office word versions 2007 upwards.

We will share the methods here:

Using backspace/ delete

 This simple method works in Microsoft word for pc versions 2007 and later. Use the ‘Delete’ on Mac or ‘Backspace’ button on a PC to delete the blank page.

  • Select the entire page using Command+A or Control+A.
  • Hit the delete or Backspace buttons.
  • The blank page will get deleted.

 Use the Navigation Pane box if needed for multi-page ms word documents. It shows a new column on the screen’s left side. Use it to find the blank page and delete it.

Through the Find and Replace tool

 You can utilize the Find and Replace tool to delete unwanted pages in a word document. It works on MS Word versions 2007 and later ones.

  • Open the Word file and then click anywhere on the age to be deleted.
  • Press ‘Option+Command+G‘ in Mac or ‘Ctrl+G‘ in Windows.
  • On the dialogue box, choose the ‘Go To‘ section.
  • Now type the page in the box ‘Enter Page Number‘.
  • Press ‘Enter‘ and hit ‘Close’.
  • Now, press ‘Delete’/ ‘Backspace’.

Removing word Black pages from the end

Microsoft Word versions 2007 and later users often create a word document and see a blank page at the end that refuses to go away! To remove this page

  • Hold Ctrl + Shift + 8 or Command + 8, based on the device and OS.
  • Select the paragraph markers next by clicking on the icons twice.
  • Use the ‘Delete‘ or ‘Backspace‘ button.

Through the Navigation Pane 

You can use the Navigation Pane under the ‘View’ tab.

  • Navigate to the ‘View‘ tab.
  • Choose the ‘Navigation Pane‘ option.
  • A sidebar will show up.
  • Select the ‘Pages‘ option and you will get all the pages displayed.
  • Select the blank page and then choose the ‘Delete‘ button to remove the page.
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How to recover deleted Word pages?

For accidental deletion, use the ‘Control+Z‘ or ‘Command+Z‘, on Windows and Macintosh respectively. This works as long as the document is open.

How to delete a page using a shortcut key in Word?

This is simple. Just click on the page and press Option+⌘+G or Control + G buttons. In the box that pops up, hit enter and use the Delete button.