GTA 6 release time nearing, new leaks raise the hope of fans

November 17, 2023 | By Arnab Ghosh

Few PC and console games have attained a cult status and have a huge fan following like the GTA lineup. This is a very popular game franchise developed by Rockstar Games. The expectation of the fans of the series is pretty high given the fact that the last part came out a decade back. GTA 6 therefore has a tough task ahead.

Previously Rockstar Games hit the Bulls eye with its offering Red dead Redemption 2. That had set the bar quite high. While Rockstar is among the top-notch game developers making GTA 6 live up to the fan expectation will be an uphill task for them. The previous versions of GTA were generally well-received but also disappointed a section of fans owing to their focus on different aspects of gameplay.

The major challenge for developers at Rockstar Games is creating a major virtual city reflecting the looks of modern open world setups. GTA 6 will have to balance cutting-edge visuals with a high level of interactivity to woo loyal fans.

The excitement of the GTA fans is only growing with time. It has received a major boost after the official GTA 6 trailer announcement. It is likely that pre-orders will go live after the unveiling of the first GTA 6 trailer. The 1st trailer will launch sometime early next month. There might be 3 different options for pre-ordering the much-awaited title. It is possible since Rockstar Games had adopted the same strategy for Red Dead Redemption 2.

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