Google updates Chrome with a new handy feature to ease online shopping experience

November 8, 2023 | By Arnab Ghosh
Google Chrome

Google Chrome is undoubtedly one of the popular web browsers commanding a huge section of market share. With time, the technology giant updates it with useful and new features, much to the delight of loyal Chrome users. In a new development, Google has added 2 very useful features to the popular web browser. These features are meant to make web browsing and online shopping experience easier for users.

A lot of web users look for suitable extensions and promo codes for online shopping. Thanks to a new Chrome update, they can find good deals on online services and products with ease. Google has equipped its browser with embedded holiday shopping tools, in its search and Chrome browser. You will not have to use third-party and resource-hogging browser extensions anymore. In Google Search and Chrome address bar, you get an upgraded "Shopping Insights" label.

Once the feature is activated, Google users will find plenty of useful insight into online deals and promotions. You will get price drop notifications, price history graph for 90 days, price alert emails etc. Google says now Chrome will search for the best deals, and coupon codes as users resort to online shopping.

This new add-on will not only spare Chrome users from using other extensions but their overall online shopping experience will also be enhanced. They will also be able to save a considerable amount of time which gets spent in searching for online deals and promotions, otherwise.

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