Google sets focus on upping its AI game, upgrades Bard with several new features

September 21, 2023 | By Arnab Ghosh
Google Bard

There is no denying how technology giants are betting on emerging AI technologies. Behemoths like IBM and Microsoft are now busy developing their own AI tools and frameworks and others are catching up too. Not to be outshined, Google has enhanced its existing AI chatbot, Bard with several new and handy features. Positioned to counter the growing popularity of AI tools like ChatGPT, Bard is going to be integrated with Google’s online services in a big way. The new features comprise an enhanced Google It button, Bard extensions and tailored responses.

With the new enhancements, Google service users will be able to check the response of the tool better and collaborate with others using it easily. Soon, they will be able to use Bard with almost entire lineup of Google services and apps. These include popular online services and apps like YouTube, Drive, Maps, and Gmail. Google says it is ready to make Bard supporting over 40 languages.

Given the fact a section of people are still skeptical about using AI tools, Google has kept an option to disable Bard integration. The extensions will be enabled but you can choose to set them off. Those worried about privacy issues can relax. Google has said Google Workspace data will remain private and it will not be used to tweak Bard's public model.

The newly added Bard updates are aimed at making the usage experience of Google apps faster and smoother. These will benefit people relying heavily on the company’s online ecosystem and cloud services.

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