Google is making it possible to receive Earthquake Alerts on your Android device

September 28, 2023 | By Arnab Ghosh
Google Earthquake Alert

There is no denying billions of web users rely mostly on Google and its strong online ecosystem to stay updated and obtain various information, 24x7. The internet search giant keeps on updating and augmenting its online services and tools to cater to the needs of users. A majority of them also use Android-based smartphones and tablets. Now, Google is making provisions for updating Android device users about upcoming earthquakes in their regions.

Android device users in India will get the earthquake alert through their devices. The new system unveiled by Google utilizes the accelerometer in such devices and sends users alerts about upcoming quakes. While this may sound like a ground-breaking tech innovation, the fact is Android Earthquake Alerts System has been in place in several countries. Google is now launching in India after consulting the matter with entities like the National Disaster Management Authority.

As per Google, your Android device will serve as a handy mini earthquake detector and the accelerometer will double up as the seismograph. The phone has to be in a charging and stationary state. It should have location settings enabled too. Google’s server will send alerts to Android users sometime before the quake can be felt by them physically. Google is also reportedly collaborating with the NDMA to make information available to users regarding other forms of natural disasters like storms and floods.

The new earthquake early warning system will be accessible to people with devices running on Android 5 and later versions. As of now, the feature is being tested but soon it will be rolled out. It will support multiple Indian languages.

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