Google Gemini-The ChatGPT rival shows promise and oomph

September 18, 2023 | By Arnab Ghosh
Google Gemini

With the developments taking place in the AI landscape faster than one can anticipate, technology majors are making news with their new moves every now and then. Beyond doubt, AI is the happening thing and every big brand including IBM, Microsoft, and Google is busy developing their own takes on AI. Google, the internet search giant is ready with its take on AI, named Gemini. It will let the brand compete with the insanely popular AI tool, ChatGPT, and similar ones.

It was in May this year that Gemini was announced by Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai. The AI system is infused with Google DeepMind division’s large language model and will offer users tremendous potential. Pichai said Gemini will be a multimodal tool, offering images, texts alongside other data types. Gemini may be powered with a powerful LLM in the sector, according to tech experts.

Gemini may be made to use retrieval methods over word-by-word generation so that users get better factual consistency. Google says that Gemini’s interactive AI has come up with early results that look quite promising and may outperform the GPT-4 model. A handful of brands will be given early access to Gemini. So a beta version release may be on the cards. Gemini will not only battle OpenAI but it will also have rivals from the stables of Meta and Microsoft.

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