Google Chrome ushers in new "IP Protection" feature to hide users' IP addresses

October 24, 2023 | By Arnab Ghosh
Google Chrome

Despite the availability of multiple web browsers for PC and mobile users, Google Chrome continues to grab a majority of market share, globally. With time, Google has enhanced its maverick browser with multiple enhancements and features. Some of these are aimed at enhancing user safety. In a new development, Google said it will equip Chrome with a handy feature to mask the IP addresses of users. It will step up user safety in a big way.

While IP addresses enable online services and websites to track user activities, it raises privacy violation risk. Users do not have many options to escape such covert tracking. IP addresses are not only used for user activity tracking but they are also needed for fraud prevention, routing traffic and many important network tasks. The new "IP Protection" solution resolves the privacy issues by routing third-party traffic by means of proxies. So, the IP addresses of users will not be visible to specific domains.

At first, the Chrome IP Protection feature will be offered as an option and Google will test it on its own online ecosystem. It will be tweaked as per user feedback and final performance. It may be rolled out in some regions first. Initially, users with US-based IPs will get the benefit. Later on, Google may unveil a 2-hop proxy method to boost privacy further. It will still take some time before the feature is made available to all Chrome users, worldwide.

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