Google Chrome gets New Ad Tracking feature- Is User Privacy at threat

September 12, 2023 | By Arnab Ghosh
Google Chrome

Web users are not very fond of websites tracking their online activities and that is why most web browsers come with an inbuilt –‘Do not track’ feature! Users can choose to enable or disable it. Google Chrome, a very popular web browser, has now been equipped with a new ad tracking feature. The move is likely to make privacy-conscious users see red. The new Chrome feature is called Privacy Sandbox. It will be deployed across the overall Chrome ecosystem.

Google says the feature will ensure advertising becomes easier on the platform. Google will use the browsing history of its users to offer information on important advertising "topics". This is a different method than using any third-party cookies. Rival browsers like Firefox and Safari keep third-party cookies disabled by default but Chrome does not enjoy the same reputation.

With the new Privacy Sandbox feature, Chrome takes a new route to user tracking. Privacy Sandbox has major features like Attribution Reporting and Protected Audience. This feature will also help Google to do away with third-party cookies and it will enable the company to engage in targeted advertising. Google claims these will help augment user privacy but the development has not been welcomed unanimously by Chrome users so far. Google will keep options for users who do not want to be tracked online, as it seems.

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