Canva unveils new Magic Studio tool replete with Assistive AI

October 7, 2023 | By Arnab Ghosh
Magic Studio

Like many other technology giants, entities dabbling in graphic design and animation are betting heavily on the power of AI. Adobe has been a pioneer in this path and now Canva has joined the bandwagon too! The company is basking in the glory of its newly unveiled AI-powered design platform, named Magic Studio. It lets you make digital content and convert one form of content into another, easily. The company says the tool is laden with assistive AI.

Cliff Obrecht, the cofounder and COO of Canva said on the new tool that it has been developed to enable target users to accomplish their tasks with minimal hurdles. The AI tools are aimed at busy design professionals and artists with creativity galore. Magic Design is the centerpiece of the new tool. It works much like Google prompt and you can accomplish design tasks just by typing in it. The execution is smooth though the results may not always be top-notch.

Magic Studio excels at transforming any kind of media into other types, without delay and fuss. So, you can create a video from a slideshow and a video can be made into a blog post, somewhat magically! You get a new powerful plug-in called Magic Switch and it works well on document-adjacent products, such as posters and presentations. Its working mechanism may remind you of the LLM functionality of ChatGPT.

Magic Studio also has image- and video-editing-specific AI tools. These include Magic Expand, Magic Animate, Magic Morph, and Magic Grab. So many AI goodies surely don’t come for free. Canva Pro single-user subscription begins at $15/month.

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