BSNL number check: a complete guide

November 6, 2023 | By Arnab Ghosh
BSNL number check

BSNL continues to be used by millions of people in India, despite the growth of private Telco players. If you face hardship in remembering any of your BSNL numbers, stop worrying. You can utilize BSNL number check provisions. It is possible to use USSD codes or resort to online methods for BSNL own number check. 

Here, we have listed the available methods for checking your BSNL number and balance checking:

BSNL mobile number check with USSD codes

Using USSD codes for checking your BSNL number is a simple and quick method. You can use the following USSD codes for checking your number and account details. 

  •     *555#
  •     *555*2#
  •     *888#
  •     *888*1#
  •     *2#
  •     *222#
  •     *888#
  •     *785#
  •      *1# 

You can use these USSD codes as BSNL number check code. In some circles, some of these codes will work.

BSNL mobile number check code through app

Using the BSNL app, you can check your number online. You can also do BSNL net balance check online. However, you can make use of My BSNL app only after getting the number registered once. Here is how you can try the app when you do not want to use BSNL mobile number check code through USSD.

  1. Go to App Store/ Google Play Store and download My BSNL app.
  2. Now, install the app.
  3. Now, log in through the mobile number and by entering an OTP.
  4. This will wrap the login process.
  5. After logging in this app, you can check your account details. 

 The fastest method to check your BSNL number

To BSNL data balance check number quickly, just call another number. However, for this, you should have a calling balance in your account. Or else, use the app or USSD codes. 

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