Browser war intensifies as Norton joins the safe browser bandwagon

September 26, 2023 | By Arnab Ghosh

Domestic as well as business PC users deem Norton as one of the top firms making quality antivirus solutions. However, the company has made a foray into the web browser segment. Its new safe web browser, offers people a new option to stay safe from online exploits and malicious users. The Norton Secure Browser is a free offering and it can be run on PCs equipped with Windows 10 and 11. Support is there for MacOS Monterey, Catalina, and Big Sur as well.

Norton’s parent entity spokesperson, Ben Wadors, emphasized the safety and better online browsing experience offered by the new browser. He said the company has deployed the latest technology and innovation to ensure web users remain safe from diverse types of hacking exploits and online loopholes while browsing the web. The new browser allows users to decide on stuff they will share with online advertisers. A simple and intuitive security and privacy dashboard is there.

The new Norton Secure Browser comes with plenty of useful features to enhance web browsing experience. These include:

  • Privacy Guard- A component that lets you thwart ads and online trackers easily.
  • Integrated Password Manager- It keeps all your passwords safe from prying eyes online.
  • Web Shield- This safeguards you from fraudulent websites and phishing portals.

It remains to be seen how Norton Secure Browser fares with established players like Google Chrome and Firefox by Mozilla. Privacy-aware users may want to try it out.

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