Apple unveils new affordable Pencil for iPads laden with USB-C port

October 18, 2023 | By Arnab Ghosh
Apple Pencil

Just as the online leaks are hinting at Apple readying up to launch a new line-up of iPads, the Cupertino–based tech giant has unveiled a new accessory for iPads. The new Apple Pencil is not priced steeply and it will be compatible with several models in the iPad line-up. The device costs INR 7900 and comes with USB-C connectivity. The port is covered by a handy sliding cap.

The new affordable Apple Pencil can be attached to the side of iPads. The pencil will work with the 10th-generation model that was unveiled last year. It will also work with iPad Pro M2 models, iPad Pro 11-inch, iPad mini (6th generation), and iPad Air (4th - 5th generations). While the pencil supports hover functionality, Pixel precision and low latency, it misses out on advanced features like wireless pairing, pressure sensitivity and double-tap functionality to switch between tools.

The cost-effective device will start selling in India next month. It gets into a sleep state to extend battery life when you keep it attached to the iPad devices. Students and educators can buy the new Apple Pencil for only INR 6900. This will be bliss for content creators and teachers already using iPads. 

The Pencil will offer iPad users get more out of their devices and Apple will be able to compete better with Samsung’s S pen stylus. It will be especially suited for sketching, annotating, note-taking and teaching drawing etc.

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