Apple to unveil MacBooks with lower price tags to conquer budget segment

September 6, 2023 | By Arnab Ghosh
Apple MacBooks

Apple Macintosh PCs are among the best computers you can buy and they are loved by graphic designers, artists and other demanding users globally. However, what deters mass adoption of the Mac line-up is their steep price tag. Like many Apple devices, iMac and MacBooks are priced way higher than their Windows and Chromebook counterparts. Latest industry reports and rumors hint at the possibility of the Cupertino-based giant unveiling a cheaper line-up of MacBooks.

The so-called cheaper MacBooks will not hit the market before the end of 2024, as per the updates. Reportedly, Apple is concerned about the increasing popularity of affordable Chromebooks. To make MacBooks more affordable, Apple may use different materials. The new and upcoming affordable MacBooks may still retain metal casing for aesthetics and durability, though.

It is not only the growing popularity and adoption of Chromebooks that has made Apple resort to a new route. Apple is also keen on boosting its ecosystem, among users. A lot of people, especially students using iPhones resort to Chromebooks or affordable Windows laptops as their PC usage needs are basic. Apple wants to target this segment of users. Besides, a low-cost MacBook line-up will help Apple draw more people to its ecosystem who prefer Google or Microsoft software and devices.

The exact price of this upcoming cheaper MacBook line-up is not clear. The entry-level MacBook, based on an older M1 chip costs approx $999. A Chromebook can be bought for almost 1/4th of that price.


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