Android users cautioned about new vulnerabilities in Android devices by the Indian government

September 12, 2023 | By Arnab Ghosh

Malware makers are increasingly targeting mobile devices, in sync with the rise of smartphone usage all over the world. The Indian Government has issued a cautionary note aimed at Android device users in the country, warning them about high-risk vulnerabilities. The CERT-In has warned Android users about a grave security risk prevailing in the Android ecosystem. It adds if such vulnerabilities are not resolved, malware will get access to vital user data, leading to serious consequences including unauthorized transactions and identity theft.

The so-called security vulnerability affects a lot of Android device users, as per the news. Devices running on Android 11- 13 face the risk. Qualcomm-SOC-based devices are also at risk. So, how do you safeguard your Android device from the lurking threat? The CERT-In advises Android device users to update their software as soon as possible. Updating all apps will also be necessary. Also, refrain from downloading apps from lesser-known app stores and stick to Google Play to stay safe.

Notably, the CERT-In warned Android users about a similar threat last month. However, at that time only Android 13 phones were at risk. This time the threat is more pronounced, targeting even those using foldable Android devices.

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