Alibaba hops onto AI bandwagon with Tongyi Qianwen AI model

September 13, 2023 | By Arnab Ghosh

The excitement around AI technology shows no sign of slowing down, worldwide. Technology giants like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have made considerable progress in developing and using their own AI models and technologies. Now, China’s Alibaba Group have hopped onto the AI bandwagon, It has unveiled its AI model named Tongyi Qianwen and it can be used by the mass. So, it is clear that the Chinese regulatory approval has been given to Alibaba.

While the Chinese govt is known for its reluctance to adopt and use technologies popular in the Western world, it has understood the growth and potential of AI on a global scale. As per the data from Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Division, Chinese entities like DingTalk, OPPO, Taobao have tied up to develop their own LLM and make apps with the aid of Tongyi Qianwen. Eddie Wu, the newly appointed Alibaba Group CEO recently said AI will be pivotal to the future roadmap of the entity.

It was in April that Alibaba offered a glimpse of Tongyi Qianwen. The ChatGPT rival will be integrated into multiple business apps in the future, says the group. These developments point to China’s enhanced efforts to keep pace with the USA and Western nations to utilize emerging technology.

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