A hundred limited edition Nothing phone (1) units go up on auction today

June 22, 2022 | By Team PriceKeeda
Nothing (1)

At the Ar Basel fair, Carl Pei's brand-new smartphone concept, Nothing, was displayed on the device. The business also said that StockX will hold an auction for the first 100 units manufactured, with all proceeds going to a community-managed fund.

The auction got underway earlier today and will wrap up in 48 hours. Once more, there are just 100 pieces available, and they all have their serial numbers engraved on the side. You must register for a StockX account and put in a bid if you just want a piece of mobile technology history.

Only a few specifics are available regarding the opening ceremony for the Nothing phone (1), which will take place on July 12. We have only seen the back and sides of the design, not the entire thing. Of course, the purpose of this auction isn't to purchase a new smartphone but rather to gain prestige and draw attention to the device (1).

Interesting to observe is the statement that "Nothing phone (1) is not completely supported in North America" on the StockX page. This shows that Nothing does intend to launch in the US, which raises the possibility that this is a problem with supported bands (OnePlus is one of the few Chinese brands to gain a foothold there).

You can find the supported carriers for each nation on this page if you intend to utilize one of these limited edition Nothing phone (1) devices. Besides, you should be aware that shipping could take up to 35 days, probably when the phone would typically go on sale (1).

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