Dyson’s new air purifier Big+Quiet elevates the limit for competition

October 19, 2023 | By Arnab Ghosh
Dyson’s new air purifier Big+Quiet

Dyson is a big name in home appliance sector and its vacuum cleaners and air purifiers set new standards for rivals. The company has unveiled a new air purifier with advanced technologies and features that may make the competitors go back to their drawing boards, again! The new Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet is stylish and has a price tag nearing INR 70000. Dyson says this is its most powerful air purifier, as of now. You can buy it from the online stores and official outlets of the brand.

The company recently unveiled the Big+Quiet Purifier at its store in Saket and it is relatively quiet. The noise level is set at 56 decibels. This makes it quieter than typical house ceiling fans. Dyson claims this new Purifier can cover an area of approx 1,000 sq feet. This makes it suited for large apartments and houses. It has smart features like Cone Aerodynamics technology which ensures a 10 meter radius around the device gets clean air. 

The new Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet uses two air streams to create a focused and strong air jet. You can pick from multiple air throw directions. This device is laden with a better filter to trap pollens, dust and allergens better. It gets a HEPA H13 filter. It will last for 2 years before you have to change it, says the company. It captures household odors and benzene too. The device comes with an LCD display and you can use the MyDyson app to get air pollution and quality metrics.

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